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Lightstring Chilli - red 20 lamps
Light string with 20 Red Chillis on a row. Really decorative and gives a lovely red nice light.
SEK 198
Lightstring Lime - 10 lamps
Light string with 10 limeslices on a row. Really decorative and gives a lovely light. Used with...
SEK 198
HEART Neon lamp
Mini light heart neon with pink light. 2 AA batteries not included. ON/OFF button on the back of...
SEK 269
FLASH Neon lamp
Neon glass lamp in the form of a flash. Yellow light. With gray concrete foundation and 220v EURO...
SEK 940
LIPS Neon lamp
Glass Neon in the form of a pair of lips. With a grey concrete base and 220v EURO adaptor plug...
SEK 940
LIPS night lamp
Night lamp in the form of red lips with red light. ON / OFF button on the bottom.
SEK 149
LOVE Neon lamp
Mini led light LOVE neon with red light. 2 AA batteries not included. ON/OFF button on the back...
SEK 269
Mouse Lamp Grey Seletti
A little white mice with a very realistic finishing. They are Step, Lop and Mac and they run...
SEK 655
Letter Vegaz Seletti
A theatrical sign for a great lighting message. Vegaz, big size metal letters created with a...
SEK 3,495
This LED lamp is perfect for shallow luminaires where there is no good looking light bulb, such...
SEK 59
Santaclaus lamp
Decorative santaclauslamp made in plastic. 220v
SEK 1,150
Animal / figurine lamps
Lamp. Made in sturdy plastic. Childproof. LED.
SEK 690
SEK 598
SEK 3,171
SEK 890
SEK 1,290SEK 2,495
SEK 947SEK 1,895
SEK 2,433
SEK 4,830
SEK 2,778
SEK 3,122
SEK 4,855
SEK 4,602
SEK 9,551
SEK 9,896
SEK 4,602
SEK 10,768
SEK 3,254
SEK 5,555
SEK 890
SEK 498
SEK 149
SEK 650
SEK 579
SEK 690
Lamp Flat Mushroom
Mushroom red. diam 25 x height 25cm
SEK 790
SEK 690
SEK 790
SEK 649
SEK 749
SEK 1,498
SEK 790
SEK 690
140 cm long fluorescent LED tubelamps. Supplied with wall mount. 220v It is not possible to order...
SEK 895
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