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White Salvia
Traditionally used to clean environments. Light one ef the ends and spread the smoke / scent...
SEK 49
Oilcloths - Vinyl 120 cm
Oilcloth in vinyl in high sturdy quality. 120cm wide.
SEK 19.80
Animal / figurine lamps
Lamp. Made in sturdy plastic. Childproof. LED.
SEK 690
SEK 21,000
SEK 650
SEK 579
SEK 690
Lamp Flat Mushroom
Mushroom red. diam 25 x height 25cm
SEK 790
SEK 690
SEK 5,900
SEK 7,500
Gift voucer
If you do not really know what you want to give away, it's never wrong with a gift card from us.
SEK 250
Decorative flowers Rose hard plastic
Decorative flowers in hard plastic. 150cm long. Different colors. Please send us an inquiry and...
SEK 98
SEK 2,900
SEK 198
Incsence India
Very nice Indian incense. We mostly have a number of different scents inside. Call for stock status.
SEK 39
Picture Guadalupe
Boards. Shiny and sparkling. Different sizes and motifs. From 23x27cm for 198kr to 60x90cm for...
SEK 698
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