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Very Welcome!

We work with known and unknown designers, blacksmiths and craftsmen all over Sweden. We have been on the market for over 40 years and offer beautiful designs of the best quality.

Our retailers are in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Japan and USA. We would love to also reach the rest of the world so don't hesitate to contact us!

If you are coming to Stockholm, please take time for a visit to our showroom, on Ekbacksvägen 32 in Bromma. It's easy to find and we will keep open for you if you let us know you are coming, even on weekends.

Our phonenr: +46 (0)8 31 12 00
E-mail: info@hemslojdsprodukter.se

Mona, Jimmy & Johanna

Wrought Iron
We have designed a line of wrought iron products which have been sold to homes in Scandinavia during many years.
Wooden toys
These very popular wooden toys has been made in Sweden since 1980 by Debresk. They are made in a timeless design that are safe for children.
Wool Blankets
We have a range of wonderful wool blankets, pillowcovers and shawls made from the finest wool from New Zealand.
Shawls in wool
We have now developed our wool products and have a serie with shawls with a softer wool so that it feels nicer close to the body.
Rosters & Hens
These wonderful roosters, hens and chickens are so nice that you must have at least one in the livingroom or at the fire place.
These wonderful ceramic animals are made by our swedish ceramicartist. They all have fun expressions.
Pillowcases in Wool
Lovely pillowcases in Wool! We have now taken our products in wool one step further and made pillowcases in our nice woolpatterns!
Trays with words
Designed trays with words of wisdom and classic swedish recipes.
Glass Ornaments
Beautiful handmade glass ornaments for the chandelier or in the curtain. Let your imagination decide where and how you want to use these.
Ullcentrum started in July 1998. The products are made by wool from Swedish sheep. They make the wool with the same methods as in old times. These products are made to put your casserol on.