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Please note:

If we have a local distributor we may transfer your order for local handling.

We will keep you informed if so.

Delivery ReduZnore:
Delivery to all countries except the US due to FDA regulations stating that a snoring mouth piece must be prescribed by a doctor.

Delivery Snorban:

Deliveries only to Sweden, Finland and Estonia due to a contract regarding sales territories.

Delivery MegaVent:
Deliveries worldwide. Minimum 2 packages.

Delivery BacUp:
Delivery to all countries. BUT! Note that the electrical pump use an electrical plugin that is made for Sweden. If you have a different system in your country you must have an adapter. 

Payments / security
We accept credit/bank cards. Payments must be made before deliveries.
Prepayment is the only alternative for deliveries outside Sweden.

The card payment system used by Adactive AB is PayPal.
And you can use your MasterCar, Visa etc for secure payments as usual and you wil not need an account at PayPal.

We do not store any card payment information in our database.

Time of delivery:
We will deliver from us within 3-4 workdays if possible.

Please note that the customer is responsible for all customs or any other charges imposed by the country to which the order is shipped.


Adactive AB is responsible if the shipment is damaged or lost during transportation to the customer.
If the shipment is damaged or lost when returning it on your request, you are responsible for loss or damage. We suggest that returning products are being shipped in the original container/box or similar if possible.

If you, when receiving a shipment, notice that it is visibly damaged, we urge you to inspect your shipment before signing receipt and immediately report to the transportation company.

You may also contact customer service at Adactive AB for more information at

We will replace the products immediately if we have delivered damaged goods.
Please return the goods to us as soon as you become aware of the problem.

You can always cancel your order before receiving a product. Your cancellation must be written in form of an E-mail covering all order details. Some restrictions may apply, see below. Adactive AB comply with the Swedish Konsumentköplagen, and the European Union E-commerce directive which means that you can, in a period of 14 days, return a product if you are not completely satisfied. In addition to this, we offer another 16 days, in total 30 days to return a product.
If you use your right to return a product, the shipping costs will be paid by you.

Money back guaranty specification:

ReduZnore and SnorBan
If you for some reason returns SnorBan or ReduZnore within 30 days from receipt of goods we will refund your cost of goods within 4-6 weeks. Postal costs will not be paid back. Of course you may try the product before returning it.

You may return your packages of MegaVent  if you regret your purchase. We can not refund the money if the package has been opened.
Postal costs will not be paid back.

You may return your BacUp if you regret your purchase within 30 days of receipt.                         One year Guarantee:  If there are any physical problem with the wedge, air leakage etc, we will refund the cost of goods. Please save a copy of your payment documents.
Postal costs will not be paid back.



How to return an item:
1. Fill out the return form that comes in the package.
2. Send the item back together with the return form to the address below.

Adactive AB
c/o Ecomsupport

Ågatan 37


We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully.
We will use our customer data base to inform you about news, special offers or new discoveries that might affect the result you can expect when using our products.
We will give you the chance to refuse any marketing email from us in the future.