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***Vilda Stamps is a"Angel Company"***

This means that we're easing up slightly on our copyrights and will allow you to sell your creations as long as you have stamped them by hand.

NOTE! A "creation" is a finished product = a finished card etc.
A stamped piece of paper is not a creation!
Those who use our stamps commit themselves to respect this!

You are free to submit cards and creations that have been stamped with our stamps to magazines, contests etc where they will be published on paper or online. We would e even happier if you also mention that the stamps you have used come from Vilda Stamps :-)

It is NOT allowed
to copy or mechanicly reproduce anything that has to do with our stamps. Nor is it allowed to copy the motifs by drawing them yourself.
All motifs in the Vilda Stamps catalogue are protected by Copyright law!

Organized spreading/selling of semi-products (i.e: stamped motifs) is not allowed! You may not through the use of websites, blogs or forums sell or give away stamped motifs. Mounting of stamps and/or re-distribution for personal monetary gain is not allowed. (i.e: buying up unmounted stamps solely for re-selling purposes.
We select our own re-sellers!)

We reserve the right not to sell to individuals or groups who we believe do not respect or will not respect copyright rules or our wishes!