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We deliver throughout Europe but only orders to Scandinavia will be handled on the webpage. If you live somewhere else please get in contact with us and we will see if we can help you. info@coctail.nu

We offer secure card payment. Billing and interest-free payment via Klarna for orders in Sweden.

Purchases outside of Sweden can only be paid by card.

Minimiorder is 100 Skr + shipping

The goods are delivered via DHL or the Post. The normal delivery time is 2-3 days if we have the item in stock.  

Shipping cost is for Dk-Fi-No:

1 kg 280sec
2 kg 325sec
3 kg 355sec
4 kg 400sec
5 kg 430sec
6 kg 465sec
7 kg 500sec
8 kg 535sec
9 kg 578sec
10 kg 605sec
11 kg 640sec
12 kg 675sec
13 kg 710sec
14 kg 745sec
15 kg 780sec
16 kg 815sec
17 kg 832sec
18 kg 885sec
19 kg 910sec
20 kg 950sec

These costs will be added to the total amount of items you buy and will be visible at checkout and in the e-mail you receive confirming your purchase. Please e-mail us at info@coctail.nu if you have questions.

Prices in: